Шум прибоя Yukio Mishima


Published: 2003

384 pages


Шум прибоя  by  Yukio Mishima

Шум прибоя by Yukio Mishima
2003 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 384 pages | ISBN: | 5.71 Mb

Im probably crazy and am imagining a considering feeling between Yukio Mishima and me. Im feeling like hes a kindred spirit kind of author who wants the same kinds of things that I wanted. (Past tense, I mean. For him, not me. I want.)Pretend Im not crazy. What if The Sound of Waves was a beautiful story about young love between two young and loving individuals? Shinji, a simple guy who liked simple, pure at heart things like providing for his family and village. Not simple life stuff like gossip and possession. What if his girlfriend was Hatsue. Shes beautiful in the wake up and smell the flowers kind of way.

Sunny days and ocean horizons. Uncomplicated goodness and babies smiling thats a real smile and you dont wonder if they just have gas. I wasnt a nice baby the way my mom tells it. I probably wasnt. I probably just had gas. But I like sunsets and watching fish underneath the water. The way their mouths open and they breathe with gills.

Id want them to stay under there forever and never have to come up (guess that rules out life as a simple fisher woman or diving woman, like Hatsue or Shinjis mother).Their surroundings arent as easy as that. The seas dont part when it sees (sea) love. Its earned like rain or stuff that happens with time.

Not grisly for ratings on the nature channel nature just real nature time.I felt like Mishima wanted to be like Shinji and Hatsue. Or at least part for them. Their gossip mongerer is a young woman named Chiyoko. All she wanted was to smile beautifully like they did. Shes outside, bitter and another taste can make it bearable. I liked that. The ability to stop and smell flowers, as they say.

To be pretty too and share that smile. I felt like The Sound of Waves was the yearning to be like them and it felt all the more bittersweet for being outside. They arent hurt by the world that doesnt find it that hard. The fish are still under the water and there are still flowers. They wont go away. Some feeling I had about innocence.Its just a feeling I had. It could be possible to see it and follow it.

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